J&J Swagat Banquet Hall 415 Hood Road - Unit 22 Markham ON L3R 3W2
(905) 475-5870

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  • review rating 5  I would like to thank you for assisting us in another successful event.we have recived nothing but compliments about your delicious food and out standing service. I will be glad to recommend your service to anyone. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! THE BEST.

    thumb Chandra Sivakumar

    review rating 1  A year ago I went to this place and the experience was absolutely horrible. I assumed that after a year things would get better. However I was completely wrong. The veggie pakora frozen and over cooked, samosa was complete trash and the chicken was RAW.Not to mention that the servings was very small. Do not recommend you cater from here. When I complained to the staff they were very rude. Some even used profanity in Tamil and when I asked my friend what they ment I was shocked to my core. Please if your planning a wedding or any event look away and choose somewhere else.

    thumb Rafid Khan

    review rating 5  We hosted our daughter's first birthday over the weekend. Feedback from our guests were amazing. Food was delicious, servers were on top of everything. Would highly recommend J&J Swagat.

    thumb Dinesh Ratnasingam

    review rating 5  Amazing venue!!! We all had a wonderful experience with you guys! Thank you for your hospitality. Food was great, decor was great and everything went without a hitch. The owner was very professional. Definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

    thumb Kerthyga Kalanidi


    thumb Johnita Joachimpillai

    review rating 1  Do not trust when they say they have the date confirmed. I was told I will receive the King Hall for 150 people. I called multiple times to confirm. 2 weeks before the event, I get a call saying "is this for this year or next year?" and now being told the venue is not available. I have already invited all the guest and now scrambling to find a different venue. This always happens with these banquet halls, when they find a better deal they throw you under the bus and lie saying they made a mistake. Be careful dealing with JandJSwagat.

    thumb Babu Camalan

    review rating 5  We had a family reunion and we were served by Ms. Nina excellent service and good quality food. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    thumb Alan Aruliah

    review rating 5  Excellent location, food and service. I celebrated my Wife's Surprise Birthday and every aspect of the event went well. Many thanks to Syed and his crew for making it a night we will always remember.

    thumb Lyon Francis

    review rating 2  Second time attending a function here. Place looks tired and could do with some sprucing up. Food was good.

    thumb Dhiraj D'Souza

    review rating 4  Nice service, excellent food, awesome hospitality. I have done my daughter's baby shower this place. I have no words to describe there hospitality. Best

    thumb Shantu Prajapati

    review rating 5  Foods are excellent,,, on time services,,,any kind of event you can book this banquet hall

    thumb Red Magic

    review rating 3  The venue has nice decorations with rows of nice chandeliers. Unfortunately the sound proofing wasn't very good between halls. Our party was being drown out by the music and announcement from the neighboring hall. Also the drive towards the entrance made us second guess whether we were going to the right address as it is in the middle of industrial units.

    thumb Adonis L.

    review rating 3  The hall was nice from inside but not big enough for the gathering.they need to be careful with the number of guests. The outside look of the hall and the parking was terrible. The appetizers were good but the dinner was not.

    thumb Jabeen Talpur

    review rating 4  Not much space for car parking. They host events birthdays, weddings and receptions. Pricing is average, not a bad place to do your events.

    thumb Siva Ponniah

    review rating 1  Had a terrible experience with this hall and their management. It's the middle of winter, but it seems the management can't be bothered to check if the heating in their venue was working before the guests arrive. The place was freezing cold when we got there, and only after multiple complaints did we find out that the heating was down for the entire building. The owner was rude and unapologetic, he seemed to be in no hurry to fix the issue. Finally they brought in a few small electric heaters to heat up this commercial building, needless to say they were not enough and we froze out butts off the entire time we were there. The only decent thing about this place was the food, and the kitchen and table staff working there. The owner/management is terribly incompetent. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone hoping to have a gathering of loved ones.

    thumb P. S.

    review rating 4  Victor did an outstanding job in looking after our needs and making sure everything goes smoothly. Keep it up!

    thumb Zahid Patel

    review rating 5  Very Happy to celebrate the function. Nice memory to save place.

    thumb Sudharsan Jayarajan

    review rating 3  It’s a nice banquet hall but the management isn’t that great. We booked one hall and on the day of the event they give our decor staff a different hall. Please make sure a day or two before the event that you are getting the same hall.

    thumb kay s

    review rating 1  The food tasting was with food that was not on the menu we selected. When I called a guy named Zahid yelled at me saying he doesn't care and that we should be grateful that they gave us food for a food tasting. The day of the event they ran out of food. Throughout the whole process the managers were not friendly and not accommodating. Response to the owner: 1) Upon booking we were told we would have a food tasting. Telling me that you are doing me a favor is not a reason especially when you told us during booking that we would have one and not giving us the food we had selected for our menu doesn't make sense to me. Unacceptable. 2) There is no need for any of your managers to yell and be rude on the phone. Unacceptable. 3) If you know who I am, the number of guests I had, the situation why do you need the date from me? The carelessness in your responses shows the carelessness you had during the process from booking to our event. Unacceptable.

    thumb Abdul M

    review rating 4  Pleasantly surprised. Banquet hall in industrial area. A large variety of food. It was clean. Needed more waiting staff to collect played and glasses. The breeze from outside was at times unbearable.

    thumb BOZE BOZE TV

    review rating 5  We hosted my cousins nikkah, my sisters wedding and soon my wedding at this location. Honestly, the staff are great and our guest are always impressed with the food. I am very excited to work with J&J for the third time, and would recommend them to everyone.

    thumb Farzana Khan

    review rating 1  The Owner is unfavorable and nasty person. He doesn't know how to talk with people and totally effortless man i have seen in my life. I don't know how this illiterate person is running business with senseless mindset though. He deserves 0 star but there is no option. I would say to all people never ever go there better to do your event at decent place, Pay little bit more but do not waste your money and time by going their.

    thumb brian cathy

    review rating 1  Venue is actually quite beautiful and serving staff were very accommodating. However, I found the event coordinator to be unbelievably rude. I’m in disbelief that someone with such abhorrent social behaviours would be in the hospitality behaviour. When I pointed out that the certain parts of the event were lacking organization, he promptly informed me that then I should not be attending.

    thumb Synthiya V

    review rating 3  Went their for a birthday party. Nice place . Food was good . Well organized place.

    thumb Nisha Krishna

    review rating 4  Nice sized hall. The wall between the two halls should be a little thicker because all we could hear was the music next door during our speeches. Staff was very helpful and accommodating!

    thumb Raji Perera

    review rating 3  Not bad. Small hall and parking is an issue here. Looks like they have done some upgrades inside though.

    thumb Shadrach Jamespulle

    review rating 1  Pros: Beautiful Hall / New Cons: - Seated at 6pm - no Apps were served until 7:30, we were all starving by then. - Apps weren't even enough for the entire table, they almost counted exact number but we had kids on our lap. (certain other halls that I won't name ensures that the apps are constantly being served and refilled..please follow their example) - Apps served at the bar smelled old so we avoided it. - Only one or two servers clearing tables. - Disorganized, for a birthday party to start at 8:30pm is very late. At this point the kids ate popcorn to fill their belly and didn't want to touch their dinner. - Drinks - What drinks? There was some sugary mixed drink for each table that we couldn't drink at all and had to mix with water to give to the kids.

    thumb Nesha K

    review rating 2  We made a few request and none of them were met. They had the hall decor all over the place. Luckily we hired our own decor team, who helped moved everything and hide the halls equipment. The manger one site kept trying to push us out early, so that he can close up. I probably won't book this hall again

    thumb Ashok Yoganathan

    review rating 1  Servers were nice. Food was good. However servers rudely and loudly placed food in the hot trays while a vow renewal was happening. Then, the servers loudly cleared appetizer plates while the ring exchange was happening during the renewal. Next during dinner the servers didn't not remove dirty plates. Guests had to put them away themselves. Following dessert th servers cleared dessert plates while speeches were happening. Absolutely unbelievable we will not have an event here again nor will I recommend this place to anyone.

    thumb anastasiak14

    review rating 4  It's a nice place for doing a function. Management and staff are very cooperative. Will recommend

    thumb Yaseen Fatha

    review rating 1  I found the banquet hall horrible. The beginning process was great but during the actual event everything fell apart. The manager added things which were not necessary. I had an MC who was appointed by the hall who made changes to the decor when not asked for. He was rude to guests and I felt that none of the staff helped with nothing. The servers were nice and the food was great. But everything else was a mess.

    thumb Saranga Sitsabesan

    review rating 4  The banquet hall pretty good. The staff are nice management can be little more friendlier to MC requests, but It can be very hectic during event so I understand. As for the hall, the front lobby area for cocktail seemed a little small for large crowds. The hall itself seem little too rectangular for my liking. Otherwise, the bar was excellent and the chandelier looked beautiful!!

    thumb Gobi Kanesh

    review rating 1  Avoid this place at all cost If not go ahead and find out your self and ruin your big day !!! You are welcome I'm warning you ahead of time !!!!

    thumb Donald Roy

    review rating 4  Nice service, excellent food, awesome hospitality. I have done my daughter's baby shower this place. I have no words to describe there hospitality. Really good decorated banquet Hall at affordable price. There commitment to quality and service mind blowing. I have not expected from them. High level of professionalism. We ordered vegetarian Punjabi food. Awesome. Like this place and recommend others.

    thumb Shantu Prajapati

    review rating 5  Good place. Sound from next room may interfere a bit if thats really loud. But the people were really supportive, food was good.

    thumb Abir Hossain

    review rating 1  Needs a lot of improvement in cleanliness of floors, washrooms n food .. lol. Sorry guys

    thumb Kayum Basith

    review rating 5  We did our show for the 3rd time and the service and the food was excellent. A special thanks to the manager Aathy, he did an excellent job. I will recommend this location to everyone.

    thumb Shakila Jeyachndran

    review rating 3  Great prices, usually around $35-$50 per head. Food is incredible, it's why people keep coming back. The halls were recently renovated, however, if you prefer the best of everything -this place isn't for you. A major downfall is its location. It's located in a commercial/business complex; the outside of the building is just down-right ugly; not pleasant at all. First impressions from the outside is not a good one. I had my wedding reception here in 2015; two halls combined. Best advice I can give you: whatever you discuss, get it in writing on the invoice! (I.e. smoke machine, projector, chocolate fountain etc.) He provides cheaper prices, because he owns the units and has no mortgage on it. At the end of the day, our reception was beautiful. Everyone had a great time! People loved the food and the midnight pasta bar. I hired an independent decor company, The Perfect Setting, she did a fabulous job. If you go with their decor, expect to get the same basic look of other halls. The bathrooms are renovated, but the cleaning is just bad. No care in cleanliness I find; well, you get what you pay for. If you supply the liquor, make sure to give the bartender the bottles -as they run out. I was told the worker's there grabbed a few beers; I didn't mind, it wasn't that many. I entrusted my brother in-law to handle the alcohol. At the end of the day, I was not going to spend $50,000 on one night, for 7 hour's for the same experience that I got from spending $15,000. I recommend J&J. Speak to the owner: Joseph

    thumb Super Star Reviews

    review rating 1  I want to give this place zero stars. We booked two rooms for our banquet several months in advance and they confirmed everything with us. They took our deposit and told us we would be getting those two rooms. We asked for a written statement but they assured us that we would have those rooms. But later two weeks prior to my event, they forget and give one of those rooms to someone else. We ask to compensate for their mistake, but they take no responsibility. They wouldn't give us the money back for the room they gave to someone else. They won't upgrade our dinner menu. They were rude and yelling and screaming at us and told us it's somehow our mistake. Please, please avoid this place at all cost!!!

    thumb Naim Rahman

    review rating 5  Good service. You could really enjoy the tasty and variety of food. Guaranteed. You get the feeling of home away from home.Would recommend to others.

    thumb Sivarajah Veeriah

    review rating 3  On September 28, 2019, I attended this spot for a conference. Although this hall is smaller than what I'm used to, it was decent enough for everyone. The restroom is very clean and accessible, as well the decoration in the room.

    thumb David Edwards

    review rating 2  This place was okay. Not great. I do not like the layout. The hall is very narrow and main events are held at one end. The tables at the back always have a hard time hearing and seeing what's going on. The projector screens are also not always visible. I've been to 3 + events here, and the food has yet to please me.

    thumb Jan M

    review rating 3  Our nephew's first birthday was held at the Warden & Dennison location in Markham. We attend J&J often as it is a local gem. It was spacious, modern, clean but too cold. Countless requests to raise the heat were unsuccessful so we dealt with it. The food was delicious, seemed fresh and the buffet line was organized. The waitstaff are not in uniforms and they are not helpful. Unfortunately, there is poor communication with the waitstaff. I asked to heat up my daughter's bottle and one of the female waitstaff said I don't know and walked away. The barkeep was able to help. I was surprised when my husband shared with our table the curly-haired barkeep was preparing what looked like marijuana behind the bar. When asked jokingly if she was serving everyone, she tried to hide it and was rude. Overall, the event space is great and a local favourite. They can improve on staffing.

    thumb Anica Persaud

    review rating 1  Food was good. They offered a variety of dishes. The washroom was very clean. Lobby and hall had nice lightings. However, the heating was down throughout the event. The management provided portable heaters that didn't help much for the harsh winter. parking also needed to be structured as well.

    thumb Varshini Siva

    review rating 3  Food could be better...a bit too spicy. Having the large hall is good but if it is split and you end up in the smaller hall, the sounds get carried over making it a disturbance to your party.

    thumb Minushi Gomes

    review rating 1  What a naughty photo and videographers they align with. If you want to forget the photo & video go ahead and book with them. They(photo videographer and hall people) all blame each other’s. They will have 1000s stories to tell you. Thank god they haven’t tell me ‘dog ate the photos videos’ yet..! Photo and video look cheap but stay away from them. Even after so many months hall people also talk different.

    thumb Jayanthan Para

    review rating 5  We had our first Human Necessity Foundation event in Swagat Banquet Hall. It was an amazing event, Ijaz Shah, one of the owner of Swagat Banquet Hall took care of everything personally and made sure we have good event. Food was excellent and staff was amazing:)

    thumb Samia Sheikh

    review rating 3  I liked the over all look and atmosphere of the Banquet hall but washrooms needs updating.

    thumb Neskens Dorcelus

    review rating 5  Very comfortable to site and enjoy food service and good music

    thumb Prema Rajendrem

    review rating 5  What a surprise party on my 70th birthday, I was impressed and appreciated the combination of very friendly management and staff who absolutely cooperatively managed one of the best party of my life. Thank you everyone for making this special event so memorable. Pictures are already posted.

    thumb Syed Ahmed